Aviation EnglishICAO English and ICAO English online testing. Aviation English is what we have a passion for...

Aviation English for pilots and ICAO English online testing is the service we provide most often. We strive to keep our services compact. Therefore, before the ICAO English assessment itself, we also provide an ICAO English refresh course.

If you are a future IFR pilot, you may also be interested in aviation English - IR English. In addition, we like to cooperate, so if you are a flight school, airline or even an English teacher, we have something for you. We will provide you with a language examiner training so you can provide ICAO English exams to your clients.

For a pilots holding various ratings, we offer additional aviation courses and flight training provided by our partner flight school.

We are closely cooperating with flight examiners to keep current your type ratingsinstrument ratings and instructor certificates / examiner certificates as well.


ICAO English Online

Valid ICAO English is a must. Similar to type rating or medical.

Since 2008, if you are a pilot or an ATC communicating in English or in contact with international air traffic, you are required to pass the ICAO English Language Exam. The language proficiency assessment could be provided by any of our Aero Language network examiner.

Depending on your level and knowledge of English, you will be assigned with an ICAO Level.  Our ICAO English certificates are  valid and accepted internationally.

Before taking the ICAO English Language assessment, you can take part in our ICAO English Course.

ICAO Slovak Exam

ICAO Slovak is a language proficiency for foreign pilots who are fluently speaking Slovak language.

For foreign pilots who speak Slovak language fluently, we offer ICAO Slovak assessment. It is an Aviation Slovak or the Slovak language proficiency.

By passing the ICAO Slovak exam, you will be authorized to communicate in the Slovak language while flying in Slovakia. In 2019, we were the first in Slovakia to be authorized to provide an aeronautical examination.

ICAO English Online Exam Process

ICAO English Online Exam Process simple and clear in 4 easy steps...

  • ICAO English: Application

    First, we need to get to know you a bit. We need to know your name, who you are, what profession you have. Also, we might need some further information in order to provide you the best service possible. We have a system of data protection in accordance with GDPR standards. Your personal data are safe with us.

    Based on the application, you'll receive an email with all the details. You will also be contacted by one of our language examiners shortly afterwards.

  • ICAO English: Exam

    The ICAO English exam itself does not take more than 25-35 minutes. To be safe however, it is better if you set aside at least an hour. We are flexible and able to provide the ICAO English Online exam on an ad-hoc basis. The exam cannot begin without the exam fee fully paid.

    The exam contains a number of sections. Our examiner will be talking to you and asking questions. You should expect a fluent conversation rather than technical aviation communication. Be as fluent and precise as you can. The examiner will be rating sections of the exam simultaneously with examining you.

    The ICAO English Online exam is divided into the following parts:

    • conversation
    • describing aviation themed picture
    • reading and translation of aviation themed text
    • listening comprehension and reproduction of phraseology recording

    The language examiner is mainly interested in your:

    • pronunciation
    • grammatical structures
    • vocabulary
    • fluency
    • comprehension
    • interaction

    After the exam, you will simply shake hands (you don't have to if you don't want to actually...) and leave. You will be informed about your ICAO English exam results via email.

  • ICAO English: Rating

    International regulations require the ICAO English exam to be rated by at least two independent language assessors. First rating is performed during with the exam by language proficiency examiner. Second rating is performed separately by an independent language assessor our network. The final ICAO English level is determined by the lowest rated section. If the Language examiner and the Language rater do not agree on the final score of your ICAO English Level, a third independent rater steps into the process, assesses your skills, and determines the final ICAO English level.

    This is, of course, our internal process, and you are not required to sit another exam. If you are not satisfied with your final ICAO English level, you can appeal. However, this has to be done within 24 hours of learning about the results.

    Depending on your language skills, the ICAO English exam is rated on a scale from 0 (pre-elementary) to 6 (expert). Operational level starts at Level 4.

    Depending on the ICAO Level achieved, your ICAO English exam has following validity:

    • LEVEL 4 - 3 years pursuant to ICAO and 4 years pursuant to Regulation No. 1178/2011
    • LEVEL 5 - 6 years
    • LEVEL 6 - unlimited (only for pilots)
  • ICAO English: Certificate

    At the end of the language proficiency exam rating process you will be issued a ICAO English certificate. The certificate is an official document. The Authority regulating your license (SOLI - state of license issue) will also be notified of your results. You can request the state of license issue to have your ICAO English qualification endorsed into your license. Some states allow language examiners to endorse the new ICAO English level into the license. If this is the case, we will be happy to do it. In other cases, however, the ICAO English qualification will have to be endorsed by the Authority of the SOLI. This is usually done by taking your old license and issuing you a brand new one.

EASA IR English Exam

EASA IR English exam at Aero Language. One of the very few in the region...

EASA IR English testing is required by Regulation 1178/2011, Part-FCL, FCL.055 (d). Holding of IR English as a demonstration of your aviation phraseology skills is a pre-requisite of the instrument rating endorsement into your pilot's license.

The content of the IR English test is a simulation of the real IFR flight. The language examiner simulates the communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller. The IR English exam is assessed by the language examiner in real time with pass/fail result. 

IR English Exam content

  • In flight: R/T relevant to all phases of flight, including emergency situations.
  • On ground: all information relevant to the accomplishment of a flight:
    • be able to read and demonstrate an understanding of technical manuals written in English, for example an operations manual, a helicopter flight manual, etc.;
    • pre-flight planning, weather information collection, NOTAMs, ATC flight plan, etc.;
    • use of all aeronautical en-route, departure and approach charts and associated documents written in English.
  • IFR communication: be able to communicate with other crew members in English during all phases of flight, including flight preparation.

Aviation English Vienna

Austrocontrol recognized ICAO English exam in Vienna area.

We do provide Austrocontrol recognised Online CAO English exam as well as we do the ICAO English assessment within the Vienna area. Our ICAO English is fully accepted and recognized by Austrocontrol

Should you need, we are able to organize and administer the ICAO English language proficiency exam in or close to Vienna also on ad-hoc basis as well as Online ICAO English assessents.



Contact our language proficiency specialists specifically focused on the Austria and Germany - vienna@icao-english.sk