ICAO English exam during IR(A) revalidation with an IRE examiner? With ProfiPilot, it becomes a reality!

ICAO English Exam for pilots is the most frequently provided service in Aero Language. We strive to keep our services complex. Hence, before taking the ICAO English Exam, clients have an opportunity to get themselves ready at an ICAO English refresh course.

If you are a future IFR pilot, you might also be interested in taking the IR English Exam. We are one of the few organizations in the region authorized to provide this exam. And apart from that, we love cooperation. If you are a flight school, an airline, or a trainer of English, we have an offer for you as well.

For holders of pilot licenses, we provide flight training in our flight school.

Obtaining the pilot license, EASA revalidation, and EASA renewal are provided by our examiners.