ICAO English training and much more...

We are saving your time and money. The courses provided by both Aero Language and ProfiPilot Academy will effectively prepare you for the upcoming ICAO English assessment or your checkirde with an EASA Examiner.

ProfiPilot brings a comprehensive concept based on flight school - flight training - flight testing with combination of our ProfiPilot Academy, Aero Language and Flight Examiner / Senior Examiner and Type Examiner services.


We provide all services ranging from training to exams under one roof.


ICAO English Course

ICAO English is no headache. We'll get you ready.

ICAO English course will get you effectively ready for the ICAO English exam. However, the ICAO English preparation course is not just a period of cramming before the ICAO English exam. Our ICAO English course is designed to mitigate the "washback effect". We take great effort to train you effectively to meet your language proficiency goals.

The ICAO English course consists of two parts - a technical part and the ICAO English demo as a part of the preparation for the ICAO English exam itself.

We are using the virtual classroom to give the instruction towards all our ICAO English courses using the Zoom platform.

Areas of special emphasis ICAO English course:

  • vocabulary
  • structure
  • comprehension
  • interaction
  • pronunciation
  • fluency

EASA IR English Course

IR English Exam can be much easier....

EASA IR English course will effectively equip you for the IR English exam. We are one of the very few organizations in the region providing the IR English course.

The IR English preparation course with its structure will get you familiar with the basic communication procedures used for IFR flights.

The IR English course and its structure will guide you through the basic IFR communication procedures. We provide the IR English course as a distance learning workshop through a virtual classroom using the Zoom platform.

IR English training syllabi:

  • listening and comprehension of ATIS, flight planning
  • initial contact with ATC and ATC clearence
  • taxi clearance
  • emergency procedures during taxiing
  • takeoff clearance
  • departure procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • alternate airport diversion
  • holding patterns entry procedures
  • holding patterns
  • approach procedures
  • landing clearance and taxi
  • apron parking
  • runway incursion prevention
  • engine shut-down

Aviation Communication

(Aviation) communication is the key. That applies to pilots particularly.

Aviation communication and radio-phraseology are parts of flight training at flight school. Aviation communication and its effective execution on airband is one of the ways to spot a professional pilot.

If flight training provided by your flight school wasn't exactly as it should've been, Aero Language will show you how speak aviation language effectively like a pro...


We can assure you that you will no longer be afraid to fly to an international airport or fly through even busy airspace.

Language Examiner

Become an ICAO English flight examiner. It's simple!

The ICAO English exam can be administered only by a authorised Language examiner.

To become the Language examiner, you need an certified organisation which can administratively cover the ICAO English exam. Once you complete your Language proficiency examiner training with us, Aero Language provides this option. You will take part in the initial Language Proficiency Examiner Course under the supervision of our senior examiners and lecturers.

If you are a pilot or an ATC, you will also get certified to provide EASA IR English language assessments.

As an Language examiner, you will conduct ICAO English assessments on your own, using everything we provide as Aero Language, including our manuals, electronic system and other technologies that set us apart from the competition.

The best Language examiner course on the market

We have an extensive experience with LPE training courses and training of language examiners. Around 30 language experts attending our LPE Training courses annually.

Only requirement is a good command of English which equals of at least ICAO English Level 5. The rest is on us.

Flight School Bratislava

Flight school is a place where you can get a complex flight training.

Bratislava Flight School is an organization authorized to provide training courses and flight training.

We cooperate with several training centres and flight schools which are holders of ATO certification and provide high-quality flight courses and flight training qfor a wide range of clients.

The first step is getting the private pilot license, which can be extended by a number of modular trainings up to the airliner cockpit with the frozen ATPL.

Bratislava Flight School - ProfiPilot Academy is a holder of Approved Training Organization certificate SK.ATO.15 and provides cutting edge aviation training for various range of clients.

In European space, flight training can only be provided by a flight school. Our ProfiPilot Academy is an EASA ATO authorized to provide full-scale professional flight trainings.

The quality of flight training is ensured by the flight school management. The flight instructors and flight examiners operating in the ProfiPilot Academy have many years of experience in various areas of aviation.

Thanks to our team of professional flight instructors, our partner organization flight school Bratislava - ProfiPilot Academy provides type rating for a number of airliners as well. 

If your qualification has expired, Bratislava Flight School will arrange the renewal along with flight training required for the renewal - the so-called renewal training.

Flight School and courses

Flight trainingICAO English and more...

ProfiPilot provides the language proficiency training under Aero Language whilst under the ProfiPilot AcademySK.ATO.15 we are providing the professional flight training.

The flight training courses offered by the ProfiPilot Academy are in full compliance with strict EASA standards. The flight training programs are authorized and under continuous oversight of an EASA National Aviation Authority.

The aim of aviation training courses provided by Aero Language is to enhance your language proficiency. As a part of ProfiPilot, Aero Language provides ICAO English courses, IR English courses and other training courses for both pilots and non-pilots.

Appropriate selection of flight school makes significant impact on quality and safety of your flight training. The simple argument of "cheaper" flight schools is very simple at first glance - you will get the same pilot license at the end of the day. However, this is definitely not the case and at the end such a choice may return to you unpleasantly ...