ICAO Examiner Preparation Course

Become an ICAO English flight examiner. It's simple!

The ICAO English exam can be administered only by a licensed ICAO language examiner.

To become the ICAO English examiner, you need a TSP/LAB organization which can administratively oversee the ICAO English exam. Aero Language provides this option. You will take part in the initial Language Proficiency Examiner Course under the supervision of our senior examiners, who will equip you for administering the ICAO English exams.

If you are a pilot or an ATC, you will also get certified to provide aviation communication exams pursuant to EASA IR English requirements for instrument flight rating applicants.

As an qualified ICAO light examiner, you will be able to administer the ICAO English exam independently under the administrative supervision of Aero Language. After successfully passing the Language Proficiency Examiner Course, you will become a qualified ICAO light examiner.