Flight School Bratislava

Flight school is a place where you can get a complex flight training.

Bratislava Flight School is an organization authorized to provide flight courses and flight training in Bratislava (or wherever needed).

As Aero Language, we cooperate with several training centres which are holders of ATO certification and provide high-quality flight courses and flight training. The flight schools that we cooperate with provide flight courses and flight training for a wide range of clients.

The first step is getting the private pilot license PPL(A), which can be extended by a number of modular trainings such as VFR night, MEP(land), IR(A), up to the airliner cockpit with the frozen ATPL(A).

Bratislava Flight School - ProfiPilot ATO is a holder of Approved Training Organization certificate and provides EASA flight training ranging from license skill tests to type rating exams.