Flight Course and Flight School

Flight courses are not provided by flight schools only...

ProfiPilot as a flight school ATO provides professional flight courses along with Aero Language ICAO courses and EASA IR English courses.

ProfiPilot Flight School provides flight courses ranging from license skill tests such as private pilot license PPL(A) to SEP(Land) class rating, instrument flight rules rating (IFR), and multi-engine rating IR(A)/ME(SPA). Furthermore, the school provides type rating for a number of airliners as well. If you are on the way to airliner cockpit, you might be interested in multi-crew cooperation MCC training.

Flight courses provided by ProfiPilot Flight School are accredited by the Slovak Transport Authority and fully compliant with the strict EASA Regulation 1178/2011 norms.

Flight courses provided by Aero Language are mainly aimed at improvement of language proficiency of aviation professionals. Aero Language as a part of ProfiPilot group provides ICAO English proficiency courses, IR English courses, along with further courses for both pilots and non-pilots.