VFR English

EASA VFR English exam. Aviation communication exam.

Language proficiency is a part of the flight training and the flight school should prepare you for the proficiency exam. The exam is required by the Commission Regulation No. 1178/2011, Part FCL, statute FCL.055 for all pilots before their first solo flight at the latest. Language proficiency is endorsed into pilot license even if your hold only PPL and use VFR.

Flight examiner simulates communication between the pilot and the ATC, and rates the aviation communication exam in real-time.

The aviation communication exam can also be useful for flight schools providing flight training for VFR flights, especially private pilot licenses - PPL and light airplane pilot licenses LAPL.

Simulation of VFR flight is a part of the aviation communication exam. Flight examiner takes on the ATC's role, while you respond as a VFR pilot. This way, you go through the whole flight from engine start to engine shutdown.