EASA flight simulator - flight exams

Flight test along with license revalidation and ICAO English exam. Only with us.

If you are a pilot, you'll regularly have to pass practical exams in order to revalidate your license or qualifications.

Within our ProfiPilot group, we also act as flight examiners EASA authorized to provide a number of flight examiner services.

We provide flight exams, assessments of competence, class rating instructor certification and practical exams professionally and in cooperation with numerous flight schools in Europe.

We can provide flight exam to holders of licenses issued by different countries than Slovakia as well.

Therefore, you get an opportunity to take the flight exam, revalidation, or renewal along with taking the ICAO English exam or EASA IR English exam.

The validity of the individual qualification categories, ratings, and licenses is as follows:

Pilot licenses - LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A) and ATPL(A) have lifetime validity. Only ratings (instrument, class, and type), or instructor ratings endorsed in license have to be revalidated.

The examiners are authorized to perform the following exams: (skill testslicense proficiency checks, and assessments of competence)

Revalidation and renewal of class ratings, type ratings and instructor certificates:

Obtaining of class ratings, type ratings, instructor certificates and flight crew licenses: